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Man is accused of killing sparrowhaw­k


A man is to face trial accused of shooting and killing a sparrowhaw­k in Cowie.

Duncan Cowan, 60, is said to have shot the hawk with an airgun on April 18, injuring and killing it, contrary to the 1981 Wildlife and Countrysid­e Act.

He is also accused of possessing a metal container containing the pesticide Carbofuran, which is banned throughout the European Union, and Aldicarb, which has been banned in the UK for more than 10 years. The alleged possession offence, contrary to the Possession of Pesticides (Scotland) Order 2005, is said to have taken place on June 27.

Cowan, of Ochilview, Cowie, pleaded not guilty by letter at Stirling Sheriff Court to both charges, and trial was set for March 12.

Experts say sparrowhaw­ks can catch prey up to pigeonsize, and are adapted for hunting birds in confined spaces like dense woodland.

Nature charity the RSPB says gardens are “ideal hunting grounds” for them.

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