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Dear Editor

So it appears that‘the new normal’is ... well, very much like the new old normal. Growth, growth, growth, with no regard for the consequenc­es.

Last week’s column in the Observer by Mark Ruskell MSP about the Park of Keir fiasco illustrate­s how money and the planning system conspire to hand all the cards to developers and big business who are simply allowed to keep applying until they get the result they want.

Another long-running but similar saga is playing out on the other side of Stirling where a developer has obtained permission to reopen Murrayshal­l Quarry. Like Keir, this has been vigorously opposed by the local community over many years and has also been the subject of multiple planning applicatio­ns, refusals and appeals.

So it is a sad irony that in the very year that Scotland is hosting the COP26 summit, the Scottish Reporter has finally seen fit to approve the developmen­t. Half the world burns, the other half drowns so surely it is time that those with the authority can turn down such applicatio­ns, not just under planning law, but as a moral imperative, as if to say‘enough, beyond this point we will not go’.

The company involved will no doubt produce pages of bland assurances and greenwashe­d statistics about their care for the environmen­t, but the fact remains that this will desecrate a beautiful landscape (and only two miles from the city centre), will help to accelerate climate change.

Lorry traffic will poison the air, will be detrimenta­l to health and will remain an ever-present risk for anyone venturing out between Torbrex and Raploch where trucks will roll all carrying the fruits of their destructio­n to build more roads... so more vehicles .... and so on and so on ..... Don’t say we weren’t warned. Crawford Logan

Wester Craigend


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