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Concern over Plean homes planning bid


Dear Editor,

applicatio­n I have tried to get in touch with Council officials over the telephone for more informatio­n, but have had no success.

A 2010 planning applicatio­n submitted by Stewart Milne Homes for 16 homes included a flood risk assessment by chartered civil engineer Dr John Riddell.

This plan was approved subject to conditions on flood prevention and drainage, but an applicatio­n in 2017 to extend this planning applicatio­n was withdrawn in 2018.

As you can imagine this matter is causing a great deal of stress to my husband James (81) and myself.

I am 70 years old and disabled.

We would like the planning department to take into considerat­ion issues raised in previous planning applicatio­ns.

We feel severely disadvanta­ged in raising objections over the latest planning proposal in the given time frame and would like Stirling Council to recognise that.

Elizabeth Hagan

Old Plean for all of us would be something of an understate­ment.

From the cost-of-living crisis to soaring energy bills, financial pressures on normal families are huge.

However, despite these chastening times, I continue to be amazed by all those who support Barnardo’s Scotland year after year; whether that’s our dedicated and hardworkin­g team of volunteers who keep our many shops open for business; or you, the public, who have once again answered our call for help through donations and visiting and spending your hard-earned cash in those very same shops.

In 2022, I estimate that we have supported more than 10,000 children, young people and families, but our work must continue apace in 2023 and beyond when one considers that, in Scotland, one in four children are living in poverty.

But we could not do that without you, and that is why I am writing to say a massive “thank you” for your ongoing support, especially in these most troubled of times.

Martin Crewe Director, Barnardo’s Scotland

Last week, we told how new toilets could be created to accommodat­e the surge in visitors to Doune Castle in recent years.

Known by some as‘the Outlander effect’, in reference to the attraction being used as a filming location for the cult Amazon series, the castle has experience­d an increase in popularity.

Germaine Fanson said:“i visited summer of 2019 because of Game of Thrones season 1 of Winterfell, however, before I knew about Outlander.

“It is well worth the visit for the overall history of the castle.

“We had a very nice lunch in the village afterward.

“Now that I’ve watched the Outlander series, I will want to go back because of the audio tour available.

“I loved every moment at Doune Castle and in the village.”

Hilda Boontjes-schardam wrote: “Used for both but far more famous as Castle Leoch, home of the Mackenzies in Outlander.

“You even hear the voice of Sam Heughan twice during the tour with headphones.”

Marion Lyons posted:“been going past Doune Castle since I was a little girl without any problem and now we have nothing but complaints about the traffic and bathrooms just because of a few tv shows.

“Be respectful of our villages and towns and roads.”

Following the sad death of iconic Brazilian footballer Pele, we also looked back at the time when the legendary striker visited Dunblane.

He visited the Dunblane Hydro Hotel where he was met by Bob Reid, former front of house manager at the hotel.

Readers shared their memories. Alison Steel said:“i met him in the hotel gift shop and got his autograph. Such a gentleman.

“Best footballer ever. RIP.”

And Jacqueline Bradley commented:“brilliant wee guy, I got his autograph too.”

Tracey Cunningham posted:“he was an absolute gentleman.

“Had time for everybody. “Enjoyed a few chats with him while he was here.”

Steven Mcdiarmid added:“i was one of those kids that met him. Lost the autograph tho!

 ?? ?? Plan Carmichael Homes’proposal for the site
Plan Carmichael Homes’proposal for the site

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