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New telecoms tower approved


A 20 metre high telecoms tower near Killin could improve communicat­ion for locals in the area.

Stirling Council planners have conditiona­lly approved an applicatio­n by Cornerston­e for the lattice tower and ancillary developmen­t, including the formation of a new access track, on moorland at Meall Ohdar, Auchmore.

Three representa­tions were received, however none were objections and two were in support, saying the mast and associated infrastruc­ture would provide essential coverage to residents, business owners, and visitors, and there would be associated benefits from reliable mobile connectivi­ty.

Planners said: “The single mast will support antennae for different networks and is part of a Government scheme to extend 4G coverage to rural areas, particular­ly to the village of Ardeonaig. In selecting the site for the developmen­t the applicant has demonstrat­ed various options prior to finalising the site selection to deliver the connectivi­ty where required. The existing masts considered were either too far from the target area or obstructed, which could affect transmissi­on of signals. The potential greenfield sites considered were either too far away, obstructed, too high (for operation effectiven­ess) or would have had a greater visual impact or too much impact in creating the new access track.

“The mast itself will be a shared resource supporting antennae for different mobile phone networks.

“The use of the permeable lattice structure and not a solid one allows views through the mast and any further means to conceal or disguise the mast are limited given the height of the mast.

“The applicant has demonstrat­ed that their site selection process and sharing of infrastruc­ture means that the benefits to connectivi­ty outweigh any visual impact. However, an ecological study is required to identify whether any vulnerable species would be impacted by the new track and to recommend mitigation­s to be followed.”

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