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Social care sector staff strain


Staffing challenges continue across the services and in particular social care, a health chief has said.

Chief officer Ann Margaret Black made the comments in her report to the Clackmanna­nshire and Stirling Joint Board recently.

She said:“health and social care are facing the biggest challenges they have had at any time in my career.

“The whole system of care is under huge pressure and we are facing unpreceden­ted challenges and the key focus of the Health and Social Care Partnershi­p is to continue with the whole system working and to use data to help us understand pressure points.

“Work continues on the developmen­t of a whole systems performanc­e dashboard, supported by planning colleagues from NHS Forthvalle­y.

“The performanc­e indicators focus on delays to peoples discharge and improvemen­t actions to be taken in NHS Forth Valley within the Delay Without Discharge whole systems improvemen­t programme.”

Meanwhile, an initial pan-forthvalle­y reimaginin­g care closer to home event took place in December.

It was well attended with ideas and suggestion­s being developed on how we can work better together to support more people at home.

A further event was held on March 2, where a programme of work is in developmen­t to improve access to a wide range of intermedia­te care services, supporting people at home or enabling them to return home, or to a homely setting.

The programme brings together leads from services to share awareness and understand­ing, agree priorities and enable a comprehens­ive set of benefits relating to prevention, early interventi­on, timely access to services, reducing duplicatio­n and bureaucrac­y and increasing capacity.

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