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Heuchera THESE perennial stalwarts are invaluable in the garden as they provide useful ground cover, eye-catching foliage colour and flowers which are a magnet to bees and butterflie­s.

There are many different varieties ranging in leaf colour from copper to purple and silver. The flowers are borne on wiry stems held above the foliage and add an airy touch to plantings. Most of the flowers are pink, red, white or green. They do best in welldraine­d, fertile soil in a sunny or lightly-shaded spot. My favourites include H ‘Licorice’, with its almost black leaves and coral flowers, and purple-bronze ‘Palace Purple’ with white flowers, which is widely available. They don’t like sticky, wet clay. If your soil is thin, dig in plenty of organic matter and plant deeply, with only the crown above the ground.

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