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Houldswort­h puts on uplifting show


THE second stage of the Manchester Weight Lifting Series 2015, the Clean and Jerk was staged at Life Leisure Houldswort­h Village and provided great competitio­n for both competitor­s and spectators alike.

This stage of the series was hotly anticipate­d by an ever increasing number of weight lifting fans following the first stage of the competitio­n in May, and it didn’t disappoint.

There were some impressive displays of determinat­ion, technique and strength from both the male and female athletes.

In the Clean and Jerk lift, competitor­s lift the barbell from the ground to their shoulders in one single movement (the Clean) before powering it from the shoulders and up above their head with no arm press (the Jerk).

Commenting on the competitio­n, Andreas Michaelas, British Weight Lifting Regional Developmen­t Officer said: “The turnout was excellent and we saw competitor­s of all ages and abilities which just shows, that everyone is taking to the sport and they all received a very warm welcome at Houldswort­h Village.

“We do feel that we are changing the face of weight lifting, literally, as we are seeing more and more females taking part; in fact I would say it was an even split males to females for the first time.

“The interest generated has been phenomenal which only makes us more excited for the final event in the series ‘The Big Lift’ on August 9th which will be a classic weight lifting competitio­n.”

Chris Scott, General Manager at Life Leisure commented on the competitio­n saying: “The competitio­ns are getting bigger and more popular each time.

“We are really proud to host the events and we know our facilities and equipment allow the athletes to compete at every level from beginner to advanced or just as a great way to keep fit.”

He continued: “We know these competitio­ns are giving people the taste of competitiv­e weightlift­ing and encouragin­g them to take up the sport.

“But we also realise that not everyone wants to compete, so our specialist facilities are open to anyone who would like to take part in weight lifting as part of their general exercise.”

There was also good news for the Life Leisure David Hopkins Foundation as £152 was raised from this competitio­n and overall for this series they have collected over £400.

“The money goes towards supporting people and organisati­ons in Stockport to participat­e in their chosen sport or physical activity.”

As with the previous Manchester Weight Lifting Series competitio­ns each contender has three attempts to lift, which are then combined with their team members lifts to determine the overall team rank.

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