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Charity appeal goes out as volunteers are needed

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ONE of the most precious gifts that anyone can give to charity is their time.

Charities have always relied on volunteers to help deliver care and services to local communitie­s.

With this in mind, fundraiser­s from Marie Curie’s Greater Manchester Fundraisin­g Office are looking for new volunteers to support their small team out in the Stockport area, help is needed in Offerton, Great Moor, Heaviley, The Heatons, Hazel Grove, Bredbury, Romiley, Woodley and Marple.

To find out more about this volunteeri­ng opportunit­y at Marie Curie, please contact Julie Peters on 0161 255 2809 or e- mail Julie. peters@ Julie Peters Community Fundraiser Marie Curie Greater Manchester Fundraisin­g Office


PAUL Burgess, the 10cc drummer, proved he really was ‘one of the boys’ by taking a detour from their nationwide tour.

A trip home to Stockport, to the Blossoms pub, to join his bread and butter band The Removal Men proved the point.

I asked Paul if he could ask keyboard player and singer Brendan Gore to sing Route 66.

You ask him, he answered. Brendan, a Leeds United fan back to the days of Norman ‘bites your legs’ Hunter, must have felt sorry for me by doing just that.

Paul Burgess certainly is a working class hero. John Donohue Hayfield Avenue Bredbury


READING about the shortage of blood donors following the drop in new donors coming forward, we are told the decline is because of people’s busy lives, longer working hours, holidays abroad and getting tattoos.

As a long-time blood donor, I have noticed a reduction in beds and staff at donor centres and mobile units have increased, but are only open for one day.

Gone are the days when you could walk in to donate; today people trying to donate have to make an appointmen­t.

Maybe one bed could be allocated for walk-in donors? Norton Gamble Cheadle Hulme


COUNCILLOR Roger Jones needs to get off his high horse and accept the fact bus lanes cause pollution and congestion.

Has he not seen the queues of traffic in rush hour next to bus lanes which are usually empty?

He should speak to forward-thinking councillor­s in Liverpool who checked the fact that bus lanes were causing pollution and congestion so took the sensible decision to scrap them.

I suspect the reason he likes bus lanes is because of the revenue they generate when motorists stray into them. Name and address supplied


NOW that the Headlander Festival is over will organisers stop fly-posting leaflets and PVC banners across the borough and take them all down?

Alternativ­ely, pay the council to take on the job, saving council taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

Please start by removing that driverdist­racting monstrosit­y of a 20ftx4ft banner on the busiest road to Junction 27 of the M60 at St Mary’s Way. Pheobe Williams Address supplied

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