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Meningitis ‘can kill adults too’


A MENINGITIS survivor has teamed up with a charity campaign to warn adults about the dangers of the disease.

Martyn Preston, from Bredbury, contracted meningococ­cal septicaemi­a in 2000, and spent seven weeks sedated in intensive care, plus a further three weeks in hospital.

He has joined forces with the Meningitis Research Foundation to warn people that ‘adults get meningitis too’.

The disease can kill within hours or cause lifelong disabiliti­es, and the charity is trying to spread the message that it can strike anyone, of any age, at any time.

Martyn said: “I am supporting MRF’s ‘Adults gets Meningitis too’ campaign because I contracted meningococ­cal septicaemi­a in 2000.

“I was extremely lucky I didn’t lose any limbs, I wasn’t left with severe or disabling after-effects and most of all I am still alive.

“Other people are not that lucky. Many people don’t realise that adults can catch the disease and think it only affects babies.”

Christophe­r Head, chief executive at the foundation, added: “Don’t be complacent if a loved one is sick; knowing the symptoms and acting fast can save a life.”

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Martyn Preston

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