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Duo’s stock is on the rise under Murray


JOHN Murray’s protégées Chris Conwell and Andy Kremner are continuing to go from strength to strength in their careers after extending their unbeaten records.

Conwell picked up the first stoppage win of his career after knocking out Dawid Knade in round two, while Kremner put in a cool, calm and calculated performanc­e to defeat Jack McCormack on points.

The Stockportt­rained pair have been extremely impressive since they each turned profession­al just over a year ago, and they both know that big things could soon be on the horizon.

“I’m always in the gym waiting on a date and I’ll happily fight anybody,” said Conwell.

“I’m 29 now and I’m no spring chicken so it’s been good that I’ve managed to stay busy and have six fights in the last year.

“Me and Andy train together and turned profession­al together so we’ve become really good friends.

“We box on the same shows and it’s great that we’ve been able to go through the early stages of our career together.

“I got the first stoppage of my career against Knade and it’s certainly been a long time coming.

“I’ve always known that I’ve had the power so it’s just about learning in each fight and taking my time by not rushing things.”

Conwell is now 6-0 after his win, and Kremner admits that his stablemate outshined him with his performanc­e.

“I normally say that I’m Batman and Chris is Robin but it was the other way round for a change as he stole the show,” said Kremner.

“He had been beating me on sprints during training which he never usually does so I knew he was in great shape and would put in a good performanc­e.

“I was happy with my win against McCormack and it was good to get another solid four rounds under my belt.

“It was a bit disappoint­ing that I couldn’t take him out though as it seemed that every time I hit him to the body I hurt him.

“I felt that I was getting stronger as the rounds went on and I think I’m only going to get better when my opponents get better.

“Hopefully I can get a big fight next and we can start attracting more and more people from around Manchester to watch me and Chris compete.

“We both had great support for our fights and we really appreciate the support we receive.”

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