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Edgeley Park deal a credit to all parties


ON hearing that Stockport Council is set to take ownership of Edgeley Park and so become the club’s landlord, County fans had to pinch themselves to make sure they weren’t dreaming.

After so many disappoint­ments in recent years, on and off the field, such a promising turn of events can be difficult to take in.

The deal boosts the credibilit­y of all the parties involved, including the current owner, Cheshire Sport.

The Council will have acquired an asset offering the potential for a number of community uses, while the club will finally have the security it needs to press on with its much wanted revival.

While the news brings a solution to a longstandi­ng problem, it’s also the beginning of a new and challengin­g stage in County’s history – and one in which supporters have a considerab­le interest.

The Co-op recognises the efforts of those in charge to turn the club round and manage it a on a sounder basis than was previously the case, yet there is still work to be done to ensure that County’s future is secure and sustainabl­e.

Then, there is the role the supporters will play in the new set up.

Currently, both fans’ organisati­ons – the Co-op and Help the Hatters – work closely with the club.

Hopefully, the new found stability will provide ways for the Co-op, on behalf of the supporters, to actively influence how things are run.

In the long term, the future ownership of the stadium will have to be resolved and here the supporters, via the Co-op, will want a major say.

Last week’s article for this column was written before much of the detail of the Council’s anticipate­d purchase of the ground was known.

However, a Co-op members’ meeting was flagged up, and the arrangemen­ts for this have now been finalised.

It will take place at the Bungalow, on Saturday, July 4th, with a starting time of 1.30pm.

The Co-op board hopes to provide as much up-to-date informatio­n as possible based on its talks with those involved in the Council’s intended purchase of Edgeley Park.

The meeting will also get an update on the Hatters Half Marathon, to be run on September 6th.

The number of runners listed is growing daily and the organising team are putting in an enormous amount of time and effort to ensure the success of the event. Details are on the website: hattershal­f.

 ??  ?? Some of the participan­ts at last week’s Stockport County working party
Some of the participan­ts at last week’s Stockport County working party
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