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Man dies after car ‘failed to stop’ for police


WITNESSES rushed to the scene of a horror smash in the early hours of the morning to try and save a young man.

Residents living around Wellington Road North, Stockport, were woken by a series of loud bangs at around 1am on Monday.

A Fiat Punto ‘failed to stop for police’ before smashing into a BMW, then hitting a bollard and two parked cars, eventually coming to rest on its side.

The force of the impact was so great that one of the cars, a black Volkswagen Golf, was pushed around five metres across the pavement, coming to rest close to a series of shops.

Debris, including car parts, a phone charger, and a crushed energy drink can, littered the pavement near the Golf.

Eyewitness­es reported waking up to several loud bangs, and came out to see police officers already on scene.

One witnesses said he saw people trying to right the Punto, pushing the car onto its wheels to rescue the driver.

Another said the engine of the car appeared to be smoking, and claimed a few flames could be seen under the bonnet.

One witness, who lives in a house off Lloyd Road, was woken up by the noise.

He said: “There was loads of banging and scraping, and then a few more bangs so I came out to see what was happening.

“I wanted to make sure no one needed any help, but there was already some guys trying to push the car back upright.

“The police were here really quickly, only two or three minutes later, but I didn’t hear any sirens at first.

“I saw them pull him out of the car - there were people trying to resuscitat­e him for a while too. It’s really sad.”

Tragically, a man in his 20s died at the scene.

Two other men, who were in the BMW hit initially, were treated by paramedics at the scene for minor injuries.

A spokespers­on for GMP confirmed that the case has been referred to the Independen­t Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

Inspector Daniel Byrne, of GMP’s Serious Collision Investigat­ion Unit said: “Sadly a man has lost his life as a result of this collision.

“Our thoughts remain with his family.”

 ??  ?? ●●Police on Wellington Road North following the fatal crash
●●Police on Wellington Road North following the fatal crash

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