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Studio gives women their own space to get in shape


A WOMEN-ONLY strength and wellbeing studio has opened, offering a safe and comfortabl­e space for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Winners Studio, on Stockport Road in Cheadle, which launched on April 12, is currently only able to provide outdoor classes and allow access to its facilities like a gym – the full launch will be in mid-May when indoor fitness classes can return as normal.

Chloe Blair, a personal trainer, runs the studio and says she hopes to offer a place where women don’t feel judged, and a place where they can come and get advice to help them grow strong mentally and physically.

She said: “As a personal trainer, I recognise that the fitness industry ostracises many women who actually need it.

“Gyms can be intimidati­ng for many women and access to mental health resources can be extremely expensive for many.

“Social media and brands cash in with expensive quick fixes and pills and tablets to make you lose weight, yet none of these actually help women realise that to reach your goals, it’s hard work, its dedication and it’s about never giving up.

“It is about mental and physical dedication and building your confidence and strength from within.”

A range of classes including strength training, yoga, relaxation, flexibilit­y and core will be run by qualified industry profession­als.

Chloe added that she is also launching classes such as mindfulnes­s, hypnothera­py and other life affirming workshops as well as talks on how to deal with anxiety and gaining confidence.

She said: “At Winners Strength Wellbeing you won’t hear us say the word ‘diet,’ we do not talk about ‘losing weight,’ and we refuse to post any fake filtered ‘selfies.’

“We will provide the most incredible, uplifting classes for women to learn how to build strength from within; we will promote that at any age you can become the strongest and the most confident version of yourself and women can really achieve greatness.

“Our studios will become the hub for women to achieve their body goals as well as being able to get advice from profession­als about mental wellbeing.

“After all it would be a shame for any woman to never experience the true strength and confidence her mind and body can achieve.”

 ??  ?? ●●Winners Studio, based on Stockport Road in Cheadle and (inset) owner Chloe Blair
●●Winners Studio, based on Stockport Road in Cheadle and (inset) owner Chloe Blair

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