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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Who was the eldest son of Queen Victoria? A George V B Edward VII C Edward V D George IV 2. Which Irish agrarian organisati­on was formed by Michael Davitt in 1879? A The Land Organisati­on B The Land League C The Land Consul D The Land Soviet 3. Which vitamin is also known as ascorbic acid? A Vitamin C B Vitamin D C Vitamin A D Vitamin B

4. Where is a fibula found?


In the arm In the wrist In the leg In the fingers

5. Who wrote Mr Midshipman Easy and Children of the New Forest?

A Baroness Orczy B AA Milne C Captain Frederick Marryat D Enid Blyton 6. Which 2000 film based on a novel by Alex Garland starred Leonardo DiCaprio as a backpacker who joins a secret island community in Thailand? A Shutter Island B The Beach C Club Paradise D Cast Away 7. Which infection of the large intestine can be bacterial or amoebic? A Enteritis B Diverticul­itis C Peritoniti­s D Dysentery 8. What are the internatio­nal vehicle registrati­on letters for Bahrain? A ZE B RAI C BAH D BRN 9. Which actor had adventures in both The Goonies and the Lord of the Rings trilogy? A Corey Feldman B Sean Astin C Elijah Wood D Billy Boyd 10. In which Scottish sport also called camanachd is a caman used to propel a ball into a hail? A Shunty B Shanty C Shonty D Shinty 11. Which British novelist wrote Mary Barton, North and South and Cranford? A Charles Dickens B Mrs Gaskell C Jane Austen D Charlotte Bronte 12. By what name is the clavicle commonly known? A Thigh bone B Collarbone C Ankle bone D The spine 13. What nationalit­y was the conductor Herbert von Karajan? A Austrian B German C Norwegian D Swedish 14. Which British city developed out of the Roman fort of Mancunium? A Chester B Manchester C York D Sheffield 15. The Quetzal is the national currency of which country? A Uraguay B Panama C Spain D Guatemala

 ??  ?? Leonardo DiCaprio See Question 6.
Leonardo DiCaprio See Question 6.

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