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4. Scandinavi­an spirit flavoured with caraway seeds (7) 8. Standard unit of currency of Russia (6) 9. See 22 Across 10. Fairly soft metallic element, symbol Ni (6) 11. Long-legged shore bird with black-andwhite plumage (6) 12. Oval-shaped sensory end organ on the surface of the tongue (5,3) 18. Team game played with four bases connected to form a diamond (8) 20 & 6D Novel by Charles Dickens featuring the character Captain Cuttle (6,3,3) 21. ‘— Night’ is an Austrian carol whose original title was Heilige Nacht (6) 22 & 9A 1915 W. Somerset Maugham novel featuring the character Philip Carey (2,5,7) 23. Lee, 1993 US Open

golf champion (6) 24. Omar, soldier who commanded the US forces at the Normandy invasion (7)


1. 1976 novel by Leon

Uris (7) 2. 1978 novel by

Martin Amis (7) 3. The coat of wool that covers the body of sheep (6) 5. Novel by Henryk Sienkiewic­z set in 1st century Rome (3,5) 6. See 20 Across 7. Jean, French classical painter noted for his draughtsma­nship (6) 13. ‘What Ever Happened to —?’, 1962 film with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford (4,4) 14. Virtuoso solo passage near the end of a piece of music (7) 15. Michel, European Footballer of the Year 1983-85 (7) 16. Hi-fi loudspeake­r for the reproducti­on of low frequencie­s (6) 17. ‘Theatre of the —’ describes the plays of Beckett and Ionesco, among others (6) 19. Old Testament prophet who was persecuted for denouncing Ahab and Jezebel (6)


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Intense desire Oriental embroidery Waxed thread used in footwear




Writing published under authorís real name Personal inspection Right of self-government

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