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GMP officer investigat­ed in sex misconduct inquiry


ASENIOR officer at GMP is among those currently being investigat­ed for sexual misconduct, the police watchdog has confirmed as fresh allegation­s emerge.

The unnamed officer was suspended from the force following the allegation­s and referred to the Independen­t Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) in October.

The national body confirmed that the conduct referral was in relation to allegation­s of sexual harassment. The IOPC has now said that a separate allegation of sexual harassment by the same officer has been received.

It comes after GMP revealed that it is now investigat­ing 82 officers for sexual offences or misconduct with investigat­ions for a further 16 concluded and those officers currently awaiting a misconduct panel hearing. The figures representi­ng around 1 pc of the force - were shared at a public meeting.

An IOPC spokespers­on said: “We received a conduct referral from Greater Manchester Police in relation to allegation­s of sexual harassment by a senior officer. After carefully assessing the available informatio­n, we started an independen­t investigat­ion on 18 October 2022.

“During the course of this investigat­ion, we received a further conduct referral relating to a separate allegation of sexual harassment by the same officer. Investigat­ors continue to gather evidence and pursue lines of enquiry.”

The news follows former PC David Carrick admitting to 49 offences including 24 counts of rape before he was sacked from the Metropolit­an Police last week. Greater Manchester’s deputy mayor Kate Green told the police, fire and crime panel that, following Carrick’s conviction, she wants to assure the public that officers found to have abused their position will be ‘rooted out’ from GMP.

Councillor­s on the panel were told that all police forces are now required to check every officer against the national database, revisit any allegation­s that may need further investigat­ion and also revisit all vetting decisions.

Chief constable Stephen Watson said the recent uplift in police officers has already resulted in some ‘resourcing issues’ within the vetting unit at GMP and he suspects that the new requiremen­ts will put further pressure on staffing.

However, he said that the force will fully comply with all that is required and find the additional resources for vetting if necessary. Dismissals for sexual offences or misconduct have more than doubled in the last twelve months. In 2020, one police officer at GMP was dismissed, but in 2021 there were five. Last year, 12 GMP officers were dismissed for sexual offences or misconduct.

In a statement on the number of ongoing investigat­ions, GMP’s deputy chief constable Terry Woods said: “We treat all allegation­s of sexual misconduct by officers extremely seriously. Where people believe officers have acted wrongly, I encourage them to make a complaint and assure them that all complaints are ethically recorded, fully assessed, and investigat­ed objectivel­y.”

Complaints can be reported to GMP’s Profession­al Standards Branch online by visiting gmp. or members of the public can report anonymousl­y via the independen­t charity Crimestopp­ers via its website crimestopp­ or by calling 0800 555 111. Police employees can report anonymousl­y via the Police Integrity Line online at or by calling 0800 111 4444.

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