Bol­she­viks re­ject Ger­man peace con­di­tions in front­line news

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A cor­re­spon­dent on the Western front sends de­tails of the kind of New Year“greet­ings”which the Bri­tish ar­tillery sent into the Ger­man lines at mid­night on Mon­day.

First of all Bri­tish bat­ter­ies sent shells across in groups of 12, and then our guns”fired off”the New Year - 1-9-1-8.

The Bol­she­vik Pet­ro­grad Tele­graph Agency says that“M Trotzky, at a meet­ing of the Cen­tral Com­mit­tee of the Sovi­ets, in the name of the Gov­ern­ment, un­veiled in scathing terms Ger­many’s hyp­o­crit­i­cal peace pro­posal. He de­clared that the Gov­ern­ment of Rus­sia work­ers would not con­sent to such con­di­tions.

Af­ter M Trotzky’s speech a res­o­lu­tion which was passed de­clared“that the Rus­sian Rev­o­lu­tion re­mains faith­ful to the pol­icy of in­ter­na­tion­al­ism. Never will we recog­nise the jus­tice of im­pos­ing the will of a for­eign na­tion on any other na­tions what­so­ever.”

There has been sharp fight­ing north of Jerusalem, where the Turks de­liv­ered strong at­tacks, which how­ever were re­pulsed. The Turks had Ger­man as­sis­tance and Ger­mans are in the list of pris­on­ers.

Dur­ing the foggy weather of De­cem­ber 22-23, three Bri­tish de­stroy­ers were sunk off the Dutch coast, ei­ther by mine or tor­pedo, and 13 of­fi­cers and 180 men were lost.

The weekly re­turns show that Ger­man U-boats sunk 18 large Bri­tish mer­chant ves­sels.

The Prime Min­is­ter has made an ap­peal to work­ers on the land to do their ut­most to help to grow more food; ad­ding that“that is the way in which you can beat the Ger­mans.”

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