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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Who was Nelson’s mistress and mother of his child Horatia?

A Irene Hamilton

B Emma Harris

C Helena Emmerson

D Emma Hamilton

2. Which female vocalist had a top ten hit single in 1981 with Kids In America?

A Debbie Harry

B Kim Wilde

C Samantha Fox

D Kylie Minogue

3. Which rock singer and songwriter received a knighthood in the 1998 New Year Honours list? A Elton John

B Bob Geldof

C Paul McCartney

D Bryan Adams

4. Who was the second wife of Henry VIII?

A Catherine Parr B Catherine of Aragon C Anne Boleyn

D Anne of Cleves

5. What was the nickname of Baron von Richthofen?

A The Red Baron B The Blue Baron C The Pink Baron D The Deadly Baron

6. Which comedian is Greg Davies’ sidekick in Taskmaster?

A Alex Horne

B Alex Brooker

C Al Murray D Alexander Armstrong

Greg Davies See Question 6.

7. Which explorer has been credited with being the first to bring the potato and tobacco plant to England from America?

A Sir Walter Raleigh

B Christophe­r Columbus

C Captain James Cook

D William Dampier

8. Which legendary group released the four-disc audio documentar­y The Pet Sounds Sessions?

A The Beatles

B The Pet Shop Boys

C The Doors

D The Beach Boys

9. Which song title has given top ten hits to Dean Martin; Prince and The Art of Noise?

A Kiss

B Gold

C Dust

D Smooth 10. Which film won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1966?

A Ship of Fools

B The Sound of Music

C Doctor Zhivago

D Darling

11. Which Greek goddess was associated with fertility, the earth and agricultur­e?

A Aphrodite

B Artemis

C Athena

D Demeter

12. Which king was faced with the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381?

A Henry II

B John

C Richard II

D Edward II

13. Which female vocalist released an album entitled Sisters of Avalon in 1997?

A Shania Twain

B Cyndi Lauper

C Alanis Morrisette

D Gabrielle

14. Which precious metal has the symbol Pt?

A Pewter

B Plutonium

C Platinum

D Silver

15. Who wrote the series of novels known as The Alexandria Quartet? A Lawrence Durrell

B James Durrell

C Ralph Durrell

D Henry Durrell

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