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The Vive Pro feels like HTC si­mul­ta­ne­ously an­swer­ing its crit­ics, mak­ing the changes its diehard fan­base has been ask­ing for, and draw­ing a line in the sand for the rest of the VR world. It re­ally is a huge leap in terms of def­i­ni­tion. Small text that was un­read­able on the orig­i­nal Vive is now clear to see, and im­age qual­ity in gen­eral is way bet­ter.

You can still see the pix­els if you go look­ing for them, but when you’re hurtling around Aus­tria’s Red Bull Ring in a vir­tual Mclaren 650S, things are mov­ing too fast to no­tice.

HTC has dou­bled down on high-end hard­ware that can be truly im­mer­sive. Add in the wire­less adap­tor, and vir­tual re­al­ity has never felt more ready for the main­stream mar­ket.

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