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2880x1600. That’s a whole lot of pix­els. If you added up the to­tal num­ber of baked beans you’ve con­sumed in your life­time and mul­ti­plied it by the num­ber of times you’ve sworn at your alarm clock, the out­come – even if you re­ally like fry-ups – wouldn’t come close. But that’s ex­actly how many you’ll get on the Vive Pro, 78% more than you’ll find on HTC’S first head­set. They add up to cre­ate dra­mat­i­cally im­proved def­i­ni­tion, for more re­al­is­tic VR ex­pe­ri­ences than you’ll find any­where else. The up­dated head­set also gets a pair of built-in head­phones (so you don’t have to bring your own along any more), a more com­fort­able strap, a sec­ond mi­cro­phone for clearer voice con­trol, and twin for­ward­fac­ing cam­eras that’ll come in handy for aug­mented re­al­ity. The whole thing is some­how lighter too, so as long as you don’t have a pe­cu­liar ha­tred of the colour blue, there’s lit­tle to find fault with… aside from the price, of course, but there’s no word on that just yet. HTC ex­pects the Vive Pro to ar­rive in Q1 this year, and it’ll be of­fered as a head­set-only up­grade for ex­ist­ing Vive own­ers. VR fans, you don’t have long to start sav­ing. As hot as… your rush­ing blood af­ter tak­ing down a dragon in £tba /­pro

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