First test Nis­san Leaf 2018

Nis­san’s all-new Leaf is set to be­come the UK’S most pop­u­lar elec­tric car, and it’s even be­ing made in Sun­der­land. But can it re­ally crash the motoring main­stream?

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This elec­tric car wants to con­vert petrol­heads

For a while, it seemed that the folks who de­cided elec­tric cars are the fu­ture of motoring had agreed they must all look like some­thing out of a day­time sci-fi re-run on ITV4.

How else do you ex­plain the painfully To­mor­row’s World vibe of the orig­i­nal Nis­san Leaf? And yet, de­spite look­ing more like a Scalex­tric model than a proper car, the Leaf turned out to be a quiet suc­cess as the best-sell­ing elec­tric car in Bri­tain. Stick that in your vaping pipe and smoke it, Tesla.

But with the launch of its sec­ond-gen model, Nis­san has de­cided to do a 180 and trans­form the Leaf into pos­si­bly the most bor­ing elec­tric car yet made. And we mean that as a wholly good thing. Aside from the ‘zero emis­sions’ badge on its rump, you could hap­pily step into this thing and as­sume it’s a Corsa or Fo­cus. It looks like any other car, and that’s al­most as revo­lu­tion­ary as its pric­ing.

Yup, the new Leaf is an elec­tric ve­hi­cle you can eas­ily buy for un­der £30k with all the usual fuel-re­lated sav­ings and a re­sale value that will ac­tu­ally prove sub­stan­tial. It feels like ex­actly what Blighty has been wait­ing for – so we took it for a spin around the High­lands to see how it would stand up amid the wind­ing roads, yawn­ing pot­holes and re­li­ably dour weather. The re­sults sur­prised even us elec­tric car vet­er­ans…

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