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The lat­est en­try in Ubisoft’s open-world FPS se­ries has taken a trip to Amer­ica and cranked up the bul­let-fren­zied ac­tion to the max

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Ram­pant red­necks and pil­lag­ing pi­rates

Kinder eggs. Orange plums. Hag­gis. All three have been banned in the US, yet if you want to pur­chase an AK-47 in Mon­tana? No prob­lem! You might even get a hand­gun thrown in for free. And so, what­ever you think about Amer­ica’s gun laws in the real world, they do make it the per­fect lo­ca­tion for Ubisoft’s shoot-’em-up fran­chise.

There’s no psy­cho­pathic pi­rate or flam­boy­antly dressed drug lord this time, though – in­stead, you’re treated to a sin­is­ter threat that’s all too fa­mil­iar: re­li­gious ex­trem­ists. Joseph Seed and his flock of si­b­lings lead a dooms­day cult, us­ing threats of apoca­lypse (and a stu­pen­dous sup­ply of guns) to rule over the fic­tional Hope County. It’s split into three re­gions, each con­trolled by a mem­ber of the Seed fam­ily. You have to lib­er­ate each area to trig­ger the fi­nal en­counter with Joseph.

You’ll find plenty of dis­trac­tions in this open-world set­ting. There’s so much to see and do, yet it never feels as if you’re be­ing forced into an in­con­se­quen­tial side-quest. The en­emy is ev­ery­where: trucks, tankers, cars and quad-bikes will pull up and open fire on you. And even once you’ve de­stroyed them, you’re likely to en­counter another in­stantly. It can be ex­haust­ing, but it’s al­ways en­joy­able. You have an arse­nal of weaponry right from the start, yet pro­gres­sion is still re­ward­ing as you un­lock fire ar­rows and sticky bombs.

Not ev­ery­thing here is per­fect, though. A num­ber of glitches spoil the im­mer­sion – and while co-op is great fun, it has draw­backs. The main one: if you aren’t the host, you’re essen­tially just a helper. You’ll keep your perks and money, but any mis­sions you com­plete only count for the host. You’re also pre­vented from stray­ing too far from your buddy.

That aside, Far Cry 5 is an al­most com­plete suc­cess. With a com­pelling nar­ra­tive, fan­tas­tic vil­lains and game­play that begs to be de­voured, it might just be the best en­try to the se­ries yet. Adam Cook

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