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This mo­tor’s bud­dy­ing up with your brain

Please say this is called the Honda Aco­rah. Top-drawer pun­ning, but sadly the an­swer’s no – and for two good rea­sons. Firstly, it’s not made by Honda. And se­condly, this mind-read­ing mo­tor isn’t just for gullible pen­sion­ers. No, this is the all-elec­tric Nis­san IMX Kuro con­cept car. It’s one of those crossover SUVS, which means it’s both big­ger and smaller than it looks at the same time; but as your mother al­ways used to tell you when you were younger, it’s what’s in­side that re­ally counts. Who’s in­side? Der­ren Brown? It’s what, not who. Start think­ing more along the lines of HAL: the IMX Kuro has Nis­san’s brain-to-ve­hi­cle (B2V) tech on board. This uses a head­set to read the brain­waves of the driver and, if nec­es­sary, start to ap­ply the brakes or turn the wheel be­fore your fee­ble hu­man body can re­act to do so. The ef­fect will be barely per­cep­ti­ble – it cer­tainly won’t feel as if some sort of au­topi­lot has taken over – but it could save vi­tal mil­lisec­onds, enough to make all the dif­fer­ence in avoid­ing a col­li­sion at high speed. Talk about clair­voy­ant. Never heard of her. Very droll, but the wiz­ardry doesn’t stop there. The IMX Kuro’s AI also al­lows the driver to tin­ker with con­trols on its min­i­mal­ist OLED dash­board us­ing eye move­ments and hand ges­tures alone – and if you’d rather let the car do all the think­ing, it has a fully au­ton­o­mous Propi­lot mode. The bat­ter­ies of­fer a max­i­mum range of over 600km – and if you park up and plug it in for a long time it can re­turn un­used power to the lo­cal grid, be­fore mak­ing sure it’s juiced up and ready to drive you home when you re­turn. Ever seen Derek Aco­rah do that?

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