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What was the last ad et to chan e your life? Not just

ive you a few hours of ex­tra bat­tery life, li hten your rucksack’s load or make or­derin a chicken ko­rma eas­ier, but ac­tu­ally do some­thin to­tally new? For me it was a cou­ple of years a o when I ot hold of a ro­bot vac­uum cleaner. Since the now lovin ly named Jeeves ar­rived at home, I’ve out­sourced all my vac­u­umin and suf­fered in­fin­itely fewer ar uments over skip­pin out on my cleanin du­ties. Given that ‘doin a Leed­ham’ is com­mon ter­mi­nolo y at Stuff HQ for leavin your rub­bish on some­one else’s desk, you can ima ine how much rief this mi ht have amounted to.

Since ro­bot vacs only count as a house­hold es­sen­tial for messy folk, the most likely ad et to have trans­formed your ex­is­tence is prob­a­bly sit­tin in your pocket – or at least it will have at some point over the last five years or so. Ku­dos to you if you’ve mana ed to stick with a first- en smart­phone for that lon .

That’s why, as well as pit­tin the best new phones of 2018 to ether this is­sue, we’re also takin a look back at the hand­sets that paved their way: the Mo­torola Razrs, Nokia 8110s and Black­berry Bolds of this world that’ll never be seen a ain but still hold a nos­tal ic rip over our heart­strin s. Un­til some­one in­vents a ro­bot that’ll clean my bath­room, nothin will ever top that.

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