The win­ner is… Huawei P20 Pro


Hands up if you saw this one com­ing. Nope, us nei­ther, and that’s ex­actly what makes the P20 Pro so spe­cial. No Huawei phone had even come close to be­ing su­pertest cham­pion be­fore this bona fide marvel came along.

Truth­fully, you could wed your­self to any one of these phones – even the Sony – for the next two years and have your­self an ex­cel­lent time. This test was won on im­pos­si­bly fine mar­gins: a de­sign that looks that lit­tle bit more chic, a cam­era that can zoom fur­ther, and a price in con­tract that of­fers the best for less.

So hats off to the Huawei P20 Pro. We’ve no idea how long it will last at the top but, for now, just get­ting there is one hell of an achieve­ment.


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