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Apple ipad Air (2020)

from £579 /


The 4th-generation ipad Air ushers in big changes. It looks the spit of an 11in ipad Pro (at least from the front), and supports Apple’s snazzy Magic Keyboard and second-gen Pencil… and the A14 chip makes it blazingly fast, leaving its predecesso­r in the dust. Sure, there are compromise­s, but none are critical. So if you were considerin­g an ipad Pro but don’t care about audio apps in portrait, a 12.9in display or more advanced cameras, save yourself a couple of hundred quid and buy the new Air instead. Stuff says ★★★★★

Pointing to the ipad’s future rather than its past, this is a meaningful, impressive, powerful Air update

Apple ipad Pro from £769 /

With its huge and super-slick 120Hz Liquid Retina screen, ludicrousl­y speedy internals and double-lens camera, this is one working device to rule them all – and the best tablet to replace your laptop.

Stuff says ★★★★★

Apple’s mega-tablet is a performanc­e beast

Microsoft Surface Go 2 from £399 /

The Surface Go 2 feels less user-friendly and slick than an ipad, but pair it with the optional Type Cover and it turns into a neat mini-laptop. It’s also a surprising­ly good way to play games.

Stuff says ★★★★★

Just enough power to be a genuine ipad rival Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ ★★★★I from £719 /

A true ipad Pro alternativ­e that brilliantl­y balances productivi­ty and entertainm­ent. Apple ipad (2020) ★★★★I from £329 /

The A12 Bionic chip turns Apple’s cheapest tab into an absolute powerhouse.

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