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Make a good first im­pres­sion on guests with a spot­less en­try­way

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CLEAR THE CLUT­TER Start with a quick tidy-up, clear­ing away any aban­doned items that have been dumped in the hall­way and don’t be­long there. Hang up coats, scarves, hats and bags piled on the banis­ter, pair up any stray shoes and boots clut­ter­ing the floor and clear sur­faces of un­wanted post, pa­per­work and junk mail.


HAVE A GOOD SHAKE Take rugs, run­ners and door­mats out­side to shake off any dirt and grit that’s been walked in­side. Give them a good beat­ing with a stiff brush, go­ing over stub­born dried-on mud with the bris­tles and wip­ing away any damp patches on the un­der­sides. Roll up and place to one side while you carry on.


POWER THROUGH THE DUST­ING Run a duster along the top of door frames, pic­ture rails, skirt­ing boards and ledges, around light fit­tings, door pan­els and stair ban­is­ters, get­ting into any crevices. Use a long-han­dled duster to reach ceil­ing cor­ners and get rid of dust and cob­webs. Then run the vac­uum cleaner over the floor, go­ing along skirt­ing again with the soft brush at­tach­ment.


GIVE SUR­FACES THE ONCE-OVER Arm your­self with two soft mi­crofi­bre cloths. Spray one with an­tibac­te­rial cleaner, wip­ing over door han­dles and smeary light switches, fol­lowed by stair finials and hand rails. Use the dry cloth to buff mir­rors, pic­ture glass, shelf and ta­ble sur­faces. Then give wooden or tiled floors a once-over with a damp mop.


TACKLE THE FRONT DOOR Once you’ve wiped the in­side of the door, move out­side. Give the step and porch a thor­ough sweep­ing to re­move sur­face dirt, then wipe the door clean with your cloth and spray, rins­ing it out a cou­ple of times if the door is par­tic­u­larly dirty. Use glass cleaner on glass pan­els and win­dows, buff­ing af­ter­wards with a dry cloth. Fin­ish off by pol­ish­ing the let­ter­box, door­knob and door num­bers with a dab of metal pol­ish, buff­ing to a shine with a soft cloth or kitchen pa­per.

Vac­uum stairs work­ing up from the bot­tom to the top, to give a clearer View and less chance of the Vac­uum top­pling on you

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