re­seal your bath

Keep your tub wa­ter­tight, ready for win­ter soaks

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En­sure a clean, straight line by mask­ing off the area above and below where the sil­i­cone will go with tape

If the sealant around your bath is look­ing a bit worse for wear, it’s eas­ier to sort out than you might think. you don’t need to shell out for a pro­fes­sional to do it – this is a DIY job that’s worth tak­ing on your­self. In­vest in some sealant re­mover, sealant and a car­tridge gun, and do it your­self in an af­ter­noon.

What you’ll need

sil­i­cone sealant re­mover Plas­tic scraper sil­i­cone sealant sealant gun White spirit 1 Ap­ply sealant re­mover (try Uni­bond Sil­i­cone Sealant Re­mover, £7.98 for 150ml, B&Q) to the old sealant around the bath and leave it to dry for 10-15 min. Re­move the sealant with a plas­tic scraper (be gen­tle so as not to dam­age the bath). Scrub the area us­ing bath­room cleaner and leave it to dry thor­oughly.

2 Fill the bath with wa­ter (the weight of the wa­ter will en­sure that the sealant won’t crack when the bath is used later). Insert the sealant car­tridge into your sealant gun and cut the noz­zle off the end of the car­tridge so that its size cor­re­sponds with the gap to be filled (it’s best to start small and then you can cut fur­ther down for a wider hole if you need it). Perch your­self on the edge of the bath, press the trig­ger and ap­ply the sealant to the gap in one smooth move­ment. Take care not to over­fill.

3 once you’ve Fin­ished Ap­ply­ing the sealant it’s time to smooth it with a wet round-ended tool (try the han­dle of a wooden spoon) or wet fin­ger­tip. Shape the sealant at an an­gle, so that the wa­ter will run off it bet­ter.

4 re­move Any ex­cess sealant with white spirit be­fore it dries. Leave the sealant to dry ac­cord­ing to the in­struc­tions on the car­tridge, and then you can empty the bath.

re­plac­ing bath sealant is a quick, cheap job you can do your­self

ap­ply the sealant in one smooth move­ment

an­gle the sealant so that wa­ter will run off it bet­ter

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