Re­store floor­boards

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1 Sweep the floor thor­oughly and check the gen­eral con­di­tion of the boards in case any need to be re­placed. If so, try re­claimed boards.

2 Check each board is firmly fixed – any pro­trud­ing nails need to be ham­mered be­low the sur­face. Prep the space by seal­ing any doors to stop dust es­cap­ing and make sure you have a dust mask plus clothes, eye and ear pro­tec­tion.

3 Us­ing a pro­fes­sional san­der, fol­low in­struc­tions for safety. Start by mov­ing the san­der di­ag­o­nally across the boards. Then work up and down, go­ing along the grain. Fi­nally, use an edg­ing san­der to go over the edges of the room, and then a cor­ner san­der for any hard to reach nooks.

4 Sweep the floor, then re­peat step three if re­quired. Sand any rough spots smooth with sand­pa­per.

5 Be­fore stain­ing, clean the floor with methy­lated spirit, mak­ing sure the area is well ven­ti­lated. Choose your pre­ferred type of var­nish de­pend­ing on how much wear and tear the room will re­ceive. Then, us­ing a 75mm paint brush, start stain­ing the boards in line with the grain.

6 Once dry, sand out any rough spots and then re­peat with sec­ond and third coats, if needed, un­til you have your de­sired fin­ish.

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