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Bold Colour schemes

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Start with your key shade, such as the main wall colour or kitchen units, as this will help de­ter­mine which colours to pair with it.

use the colour wheel. Shades that sit di­ag­o­nally on the wheel com­bine well for a bold con­trast, colours that sit next to each other still have im­pact but work as a more sub­tle, softer com­bi­na­tion.

Sat­u­rated, vivid shades make a stronger im­pact along­side white back­grounds, mak­ing the room feel airier and al­low­ing colours to pop.

as a gen­eral rule, three key colours are an ideal mix but you can bring in softer shades of one of your chosen colours for va­ri­ety.

re­think where to use colour: cush­ions, wall­pa­per and win­dow dress­ings are an ob­vi­ous choice, but you can in­tro­duce colour with fur­ni­ture, lighting and up­hol­stery.

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