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Angry Boris vows: We’ll get tough on the terrorists


A FURIOUS Boris Johnson has vowed to put an end to the automatic early release of prisoners if he wins the election.

The Prime Minister promised to get tough on offenders after joining Home Secretary Priti Patel to visit the site of the London Bridge attack yesterday.

Mr Johnson said: “What I have seen over the last 24 hours has made me angry.

“It’s absolutely clear that we can’t carry on with the failed approaches of the past.

“As soon as I became Prime Minister in July, we started recruiting 20,000 more police. This is already happening.

“I’ve also said that we must keep violent offenders and terrorists in jail longer and end the automatic early release system.”

Mr Johnson noted that terrorist Usman Khan was sentenced under laws passed in 2008 – which establishe­d automatic early

‘These criminals must serve every day’

release. He said: “This system has got to end. If you are convicted of a serious terrorist offence, there should be a mandatory minimum sentence of 14 years – and some should never be released.

“Further, for all terrorism and extremist offences, the sentence announced by the judge must be the time actually served.

“These criminals must serve every day of their sentence, with no exceptions.”

Mr Johnson pledged that urgent changes to the law will be made in the Newyear if he wins a majority in Parliament.

In their recent manifesto, thetories also set out plans to reform human rights laws in a bid to assist our security and intelligen­ce services.

“Many human rights lawyers attacked this move but they are wrong – and the public does not agree with them,” Mr Johnson said.

“Our laws are constraine­d, for example, by the ‘right to private life’ which limits surveillan­ce of terrorists. Recent court cases have placed unacceptab­le limits on our intelligen­ce services.we must shift the balance of the whole legal system in a much tougher direction against serious criminals and terrorists.”

The Conservati­ves said that while their plans will allow for people convicted under terrorism legislatio­n to be held for longer, Labour plans to scrap indefinite sentences completely.

This means that under a Jeremy Corbyn leadership, terrorists and other dangerous criminals would have a right to be released early. Mr Johnson said: “It concerns me that Jeremy Corbyn is setting out plans to weaken our system and make it more difficult for our security services to stop people who want to do us harm.”

The PM also slapped down critics of the police officer who shot Khan following

Friday’s attack. “The police had very good reasons to think the attacker presented a real and deadly threat,” he said.

“They had to make split-second decisions. I know the overwhelmi­ng majority of the country will join me in giving them our absolute support. As Prime Minister, I will always back our security services, police and troops.

“I will give them the funding they need and I will boost their numbers. I will support them when they make difficult decisions in dangerous situations.

“I will ensure they do not come under constant attack from the human rights lobby who would weaken our anti-terror laws. But these changes can only be achieved with a Conservati­ve-majority government. Jeremy Corbyn has a totally different view of security. I do not believe he can provide the leadership we need.”

Proving how different his view is, Mr Corbyn will give a speech today appearing to suggest Donald trump’s “unconditio­nal support for the Israeli far right” had helped “fuel” the terror risk on our streets.

He will say: “For far too long, our country’s leaders have made the wrong calls on our security.

“The blame lies with the terrorists, their funders and recruiters... but too often the actions of successive government­s have fuelled, not reduced that threat.

“From climate change denial to unconditio­nal support for the Israeli far right, from racism to confrontat­ion with China, trump is taking the world on a dangerous path.”

 ?? Picture: SIMON DAWSON/REUTERS ?? VISIT: Mr Johnson at the scene of Friday’s attack with Priti Patel and London police chiefs Cressida Dick and Ian Dyson
Picture: SIMON DAWSON/REUTERS VISIT: Mr Johnson at the scene of Friday’s attack with Priti Patel and London police chiefs Cressida Dick and Ian Dyson

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