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Minister: I want us to help people earn more

Health Secretary saddles up for a strong and stable government...

- By David Maddox

WORK and pensions’ secretary Therese Coffey says she wants her department to help create a skilled workforce that earns higher pay.

The cabinet minister also attacked Labour for planning to scrap universal credit, which she said has put thousands of people back into jobs.

Talking about a change of direction at the DWP, she said: “I want people to be wealthier. Work and pensions is not just about finding people any old job.

“Through the shared prosperity funds in the future, we certainly have a skills’ budget that will help some of the most challenged and vulnerable people around the country.

“I am confident that we can work with other department­s like education and business.we have already opened discussion­s with them so we can continue to work better together.

“If we have a really high skilled workforce then that is good news for UK plc and good news for the take home pay around the country.”

On Labour’s plans to scrap universal credit, she added: “Our work coaches are so passionate about UC.

“It is now rolled out across the country. It is delivering what it said it would – you will be better off

MATT HANCOCK seemed to be galloping to victory yesterday.

The Health Secretary was keen to show it was a one-horse race in the West Suffolk parliament­ary seat, where he is defending a

17,063 majority.

Mr Hancock saddled up and rode out on Star of Bengal from Clarehaven Stables in Newmarket, which is in the constituen­cy.

The former

Bank of England economist, 41, hopes to send out a strong and stable message to voters as he races towards the finishing post on December 12.

The married father-of-three boasts impressive form after being an economic adviser and later chief of staff to George Osborne.

Mr Hancock became an

MP in 2010 before rising through the ranks to become Health Secretary. in work than if you weren’t in work. We will continue to listen, learn and make improvemen­ts where needed.

“But UC was a revolution in many ways, bringing together six legacy benefits into one.

“The days have gone where you were discourage­d from working more than 16 hours a week.

“Ultimately, everybody knows that when Labour leaves power they always leave with unemployme­nt up. They always have done.”

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Picture: STEPHEN Lock/i-images
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WORK IN PROGRESS: Therese Coffey

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