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Attack shows we are too soft on terrorists


ASWE reflect on the London Bridge terror attack we should remember Jack Merritt, whose life was cut tragically short by the knife-wielding thug.

He was the victim of a man filled with an evil ideology but also, sadly, of a justice system that fails to protect our citizens.

What is clear is that there are huge problems with the system in this country, one which seems to prioritise the “human rights” of terrorists and dangerous criminals over the protection of the public.

If this were not the case, Usman Khan would not have been released after just eight years of an 16-year sentence.

Boris Johnson was right to express anger over what has happened, particular­ly as his attempts to provide tougher and longer sentences were effectivel­y blocked by Parliament.

He is also right to say that this situation cannot continue, and the election gives us a chance for a new beginning.we have a soft justice system, where the utterances of left-wing human rights lawyers – the sort who pursue our brave soldiers – take precedence over sensible warnings from police and security forces.

Judges use their powers to reinterpre­t the law, to force the early release of terrorists.

We are lumbered with a Human Rights Act which is used to protect the criminal and ignore the safety of decent, ordinary people.

Change must come and the proposals in the Conservati­ve manifesto offer us hope.

Sadly, Labour’s plans to increase human rights protection­s for criminals and end indefinite detention would make matters worse.

We hail the brave members of the public – armed with a narwhal tusk and fire extinguish­er – who tackled Khan, as well as the police who reacted brilliantl­y. Such courageous people give us hope that decency will prevail.

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