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TODAY we celebrate the 72nd anniversar­y of the National Health Service, the diverse and caring institutio­n our nation holds so dear.

The NHS has never been more important than it is now, during the most serious public health emergency for a generation.we protected the NHS in the peak of the crisis so the NHS can protect us.

The theme of the anniversar­y this year is Thank You Together.

I want to thank everyone working in the NHS or social care, as well as to everyone who joined forces to protect the NHS and get this virus under control.

Tragically, as coronaviru­s has spread, we have lost some of our colleagues to this awful disease.

They lost their lives while working to care for others and we will always remember them.

I’d like to pay tribute to the Sunday Express for backing the NHS Heroes campaign which has enabled the public to express their appreciati­on to frontline staff.the NHS has achieved some incredible feats in the past few months.

This includes the UK’S discovery of a lifesaving new treatment for coronaviru­s, thanks to a collaborat­ion between government, the NHS and top scientists.

We have also seen Nightingal­e hospitals being constructe­d in matter of days to provide extra capacity. I am due to attend the virtual opening of Exeter Nightingal­e tomorrow, which will also be used to deliver scans for critical non-covid services.

Just last week we were able to announce another £1.5billion of investment into the NHS to expand A&E capacity and deliver essential upgrades and maintenanc­e.

I will be giving details of the 40 new hospitals soon and we will meet our commitment for 50,000 more nurses too.

The NHS is one of our most cherished institutio­ns.

On this important day, I promise that I will do everything in my power to be there for our NHS, and protect the NHS for you and your family in the future too.

 ??  ?? PRAISE: Matt Hancock
PRAISE: Matt Hancock

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