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Camilla: I wept over family’s horrific hammer murder

- By Berny Torre

THE Duchess of Cornwall has told how she broke down in tears as she heard how a husband used a hammer to kill his wife in front of their children.

Camilla says the “horrific” case inspired her to help domestic abuse victims.

Speaking to Emma Barnett on BBC Radio 5 Live, the Duchess also reflected on lockdown, saying she misses her grandchild­ren and is desperate to “give them a huge hug”. She also told of Prince Charles’s incredible fitness, comparing him to a “mountain goat”.

On the case that led to linking up with the domestic abuse charity Safelives, she told host Emma : “I’ll never forget it. I could feel the tears starting to drip down my face.

“It was so moving and so horrific that afterwards, I met [the victim’s] mother – a grandmothe­r who had taken charge of the children.

“I just remember saying to her that ‘I don’t know what I can do but if there’s anything, I promise you, I’ll try and find a way’.that’s really how it began.” Covering a range of topics, the Duchess, 72, spoke of reunions with her grandchild­ren. She said: “It’s so want to rush up and hug them but you have to sort of put up your hands. It’s a very odd feeling. I shall look forward to the day I can give them a huge hug.”

She admits she has revelled in being able to dress down: “I’ve been very, very happy with my jeans. It will be very hard to get out of them again. I think you get into a sort of way of life, don’t you?”

Speaking of the Prince of Wales, 71, she said: “He is probably the fittest man of his age I know. He’ll walk and walk. He’s like a mountain goat, he leaves everybody miles behind...he is a very, very fit man.”

Camilla has also been a recent convert to the internet. “It’s been so brilliant because I’ve been able to communicat­e with family, my children, my friends.”

● The Emma Barnett Show, BBC Radio 5 Live, Monday to Thursday, 10am-1pm

 ??  ?? CANDID: The Duchess covered a wide range of topics with BBC host Emma Barnett
CANDID: The Duchess covered a wide range of topics with BBC host Emma Barnett

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