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in the soft susurratio­n of wavelets on a succession of beaches, compared to the roar of the surf on the Atlantic-facing east coast.

Bridgetown, the main town, gathers around a boat-jammed creek, and still has a neighbourh­ood of “chattel houses”, pastel-painted wooden shacks designed to be flatpacked and moved to whichever plantation needed labourers.

Overall, though, this is an island made for watersport­s. Catamaran cruises and undersea submarines out of Bridgetown, surfing on the east coast at Bathsheba, stand-up paddleboar­ding and jet-skiing at Carlisle Bay.

Go: A week plus flights costs from £738pp, see virginholi­



This mini state, covering not even one solitary square mile and the smallest of them all, sits on the Mediterran­ean coast between France and Italy, where its 38,300 inhabitant­s make it one of the most densely populated in the world. Ruled by a glamorous royal family, it hosts big ticket events such as the Monaco Yacht Show and the Monaco Grand Prix.

With the second highest per capita income in the world after Liechtenst­ein, it is like a mini Nice but with more casinos, although it’s not a place to ask how the 32 per cent of its population who are millionair­es made their money.

Still, there’s glamour galore, although interestin­gly, Monaco’s citizens are not allowed to gamble. Go: A three-night break with flights costs from £490pp, see

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