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US is finally given proper royal insight

- From Mike Parker IN LOS ANGELES

FOR millions of younger Americans, the Royal Family means Netflix or Oprah Winfrey.

But the global outpouring of grief following Prince Philip’s death may help show what the family really stands for.

Eighteen US presidents were elected in Philip’s lifetime and all six living presidents, including Joe Biden – who is due to meet the Queen in June – were among the first world leaders, past and present, to pay tribute. Mr Biden described the prince as “a heck of a guy”, and said: “His lifetime of service to the United Kingdom and the whole Commonweal­th was visible to everybody for a long, long time.”

Barack Obama said he and former First Lady Michelle would “miss him dearly”.and Donaldtrum­p said: “Prince Philip defined British dignity and grace. He personifie­d the quiet reserve, stern fortitude and unbending integrity of the United Kingdom.”

Such praise from both sides of the political divide might be baffling to a generation of Americans used to division and reared on streaming TV. To them, Britain’s Iron Duke is viewed much more like the bitter, sometimes buffoonish character he is portrayed as in the Netflix seriesthe Crown.

Those same viewers have another one-sided image of the royals following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s TV interview last month with Oprahwinfr­ey.their allegation­s not only ignited an unpreceden­ted family crisis but also enhanced Harry and Meghan’s celebrity cachet to the point where she is being touted as a future presidenti­al candidate.

The couple have said they would have pulled the plug on the interview had the Duke died earlier. Both affirmed their love and respect for him and the Queen.

Harry was yesterday preparing to fly back to Britain for the funeral.

It will see him heading for an encounter with his brother Prince William that is likely to be awkward and embarrassi­ng.

The gravity of their rift and its long-term consequenc­es, along with the sombre pomp and majesty of Philip’s funeral, may sail right over millions of American heads, especially the “woke” followers of Harry and Meghan. Millions across the US are expected to join a massive global audience to watch live coverage of the funeral.

It may not have the drama of an episode of The Crown or the breathless revelation­s of an Oprah interview.

But it can show America and the rest of the world what the

Royal Family truly

stands for.

 ??  ?? TRIBUTE: President Joe Biden
TRIBUTE: President Joe Biden

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