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Shake it off Virtual reality


Shaking therapy (or TRE, Tension Release Exercise) aims to help your body “return to a state of balance” by, you guessed it, shaking and swinging your body! TRE practition­er Sylvia Tillmann explains, “It burns off stress hormones and releases tension held in our muscles, in particular the psoas muscle which holds emotional tension.”

It’s said to help with PTSD, although this hasn’t been scientific­ally proven. Info at tremendous­

It might sound futuristic, but virtual reality is becoming very popular – and fitness brand Les Mills is embracing the technology with the Bodycombat VR app.

Users are coached while exercising, and can take part in martial arts challenges at a variety of levels – so you can work out in intergalac­tic deserts and neo-city skylines without leaving the house.

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