The quar­ter­fi­nal­ists cre­ate a dish us­ing egg as the key in­gre­di­ent. (AD) (R) (W) (S)

Whether an­i­mals and plants have de­vel­oped an aware­ness of math­e­mat­ics. (R) (R) (W)

(AD) (R) (W) (S) Chefs compete. (R) (W) (S)

Michael Portillo em­barks on a rail jour­ney from Am­rit­sar to Shimla. (R) (W) (S)

Part one of two. A jour­ney along Ire­land’s At­lantic coast. (AD) (R) (W) (S)

Part two of two. Colin Stafford-John­son ex­plores the north­ern coast of Ire­land. (R) (W)

1951 (PG) Ger­man com­man­der Rom­mel’s doubts about Hitler’s er­ratic lead­er­ship lead to his in­volve­ment in an as­sas­si­na­tion plot. Sec­ond World War drama, star­ring James Ma­son. (W) (S)

1965 (PG) Nor­we­gian re­sis­tance fight­ers launch a cam­paign of sab­o­tage to stop oc­cu­py­ing Nazi forces de­vel­op­ing an atomic bomb. Sec­ond World War thriller, with Kirk Dou­glas and Richard Har­ris. (W)

(AD) (R) (W) (S)

Part one of two. Gor­don Buchanan joins a pi­o­neer­ing fam­ily of bi­ol­o­gists in Rus­sia as they at­tempt to re­ha­bil­i­tate six or­phaned griz­zly bear cubs. (AD) (R) (W) (S)

Pompous Cap­tain Main­war­ing proves he is a softie at heart. (R)

St Cather­ine’s Col­lege, Ox­ford take on Peter­house, Cam­bridge, with con­tes­tants in­clud­ing Guardian drama critic Michael Billing­ton and politi­cian Michael Howard. (W) (S)

One-off spe­cial in which Mon­ica Galetti, Mar­cus Ware­ing and Gregg Wal­lace catch up with five fi­nal­ists for whom tak­ing part in the show has had a ma­jor im­pact. (W) (S)

Drama­tised nat­u­ral his­tory film, fol­low­ing an al­pha fe­male wolf in the Dolomite moun­tains. A tragic se­quence of events forces the wolf to flee her pack while preg­nant. (AD) (W) (S)

(W) (S)

Rhys Thomas presents a satir­i­cal re­view of the year. (W)

Hendy and Stokes spend Christ­mas Eve on a stake­out. (W) (W) (S)

2013 (15) Biopic of Jimi Hen­drix.

Sign Zone: Ba­bies: Their Won­der­ful World Sign Zone: School

Sign Zone: Heir Hun­ters With Michael Buerk (R) This Is BBC Two En­ter­tain­ment and fash­ion news. (W) (S) (W)

With Gethin Jones, Jenni Fal­coner and Josh Cuth­bert. (R) (W) (S)

With Kym Marsh, Harry Judd and Si­mon Webbe. (R) (W) (S)

1989 (12) Com­edy, star­ring James Belushi, Mel Har­ris and Ed O’Neill. (W) (S)

More viewer-sub­mit­ted mishaps cap­tured in video form. (R,S)

(W) (S)

Katie Price, War­wick Davis and Christo­pher Big­gins try to guess the fa­mil­iar phrases hid­den in fes­tive-themed an­i­mated clues and win cash for char­ity. Stephen Mul­h­ern hosts. (R) (W) (S)

Five old school­mates from Dover an­swer ques­tions about top ten lists. (R) (W) (S)

Ben Shep­hard presents. (R) Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Cap­sule, 6pm

Sam Quek, Basil Brush, Andi Peters and Char­lie Hig­son an­swer gen­eral knowl­edge ques­tions and work as a team to secure a cash prize for char­ity. Pre­sented by Bradley Walsh. (R)

Kelvin Fletcher, Sara Pas­coe, Pa­trick Robin­son and Josh Wid­di­combe join the co­me­dian for the mad­cap panel show. (R) (W)

(W) (S) Ber­nice is in a state of de­nial and the pres­sure mounts on Bob. (AD) (W) (S)

Com­i­cal se­lec­tion of mishaps filmed by view­ers. (R) (W) (S)

2012 (12) Ac­tion thriller, star­ring Daniel Craig and Javier Bar­dem. (AD) (W) (S)

(W) (S)

Pro­file of the co­me­dian and DJ, fea­tur­ing never-be­fore-seen archive footage and in­ter­views with his brother and sis­ter that pro­vide an in­sight into his child­hood in Liver­pool. In­ter­view clips pro­vide a glimpse of the man be­hind his manic on-air per­sona, and there are con­tri­bu­tions from friends and col­leagues, in­clud­ing Billy Con­nolly. (AD) (R) (W) (S)

(R) (W) (S) Jack­pot247 (W) Lethal Weapon (W) (S)

ITV Nightscreen (W) The Jeremy Kyle Show (R) (SL) (W) (S)

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