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Sunday Express - - REVEALING INSIDE LOOK AT THE RED ARROWS TEAM - By Marco Gian­nan­geli

RUS­SIAN sailors who dumped lit­ter in the Arc­tic got more than they bar­gained for when a po­lar bear jumped on their nu­clear sub­ma­rine.

The sub was put into lock­down while crew waited for the 65st bear to lose in­ter­est in the ves­sel.

The Delta IV class sub is be­lieved to have been pa­trolling north of the Nor­we­gian is­lands of Sval­bard and Jan Mayen when it sur­faced through thick ice to dump bags of rub­bish.

Its crew had no idea that they had been spot­ted by a po­lar bear which pawed its way on to the sub’s cas­ing deck as it searched for more bags of rub­bish, while the ves­sel’s 120 sailors were or­dered to re­main be­low decks.

Nor­way and Rus­sia share a pop­u­la­tion of 3,000 po­lar bears that are mi­grat­ing on the ice from Spits­ber­gen in the west to No­vaya Zemlya in the east, but in­creas­ing lit­ter is threat­en­ing the re­gion with eco­log­i­cal dis­as­ter.

In 2015 Rus­sian sub­mariners ex­pe­ri­enced a sim­i­lar sur­prise, also after dis­gorg­ing rub­bish, and ex­perts say the coun­try’s pol­lu­tion in the Arc­tic would take hun­dreds of years to clear up.

A Royal Navy source said:

“We stick com­pletely to mar­itime law and have sys­tems in place to sort, re­cy­cle and dis­pose of rub­bish in an en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly way.

“Po­lar bears are com­mon in the Arc­tic and if you dis­pose of rub­bish you will at­tract them.”

Last month, Rus­sian pres­i­dent Vladimir Putin or­dered his navy to ex­pand its sub­ma­rine pa­trols in the Arc­tic. Rus­sia is cur­rently build­ing more subs in a bid to dom­i­nate the re­gion.

Bri­tain’s De­fence Arc­tic Strat­egy will place the Arc­tic and the High North cen­tral to the UK’s national se­cu­rity.

Royal Marines will in­crease their cold weather train­ing there and four RAF Ty­phoons will be placed on per­ma­nent standby.

PO­LAR EX­PLORER: The Rus­sian sub­ma­rine sur­faces near a wait­ing po­lar bear, cir­cled. At­tracted by rub­bish be­ing dumped by the crew of the sub, the bear at­tempts to clam­ber aboard, left, in search of more food.

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