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1) There has been a mix-up in the of­fice as ev­ery­one has drunk the wrong cup of tea. Alex didn’t drink Amy’s tea; how­ever, Amy drank Adam’s tea. Ally owns the oo­long tea, and Alex’s isn’t jas­mine. If Adam didn’t drink the green or black tea, and the per­son to whom the green tea be­longs drank jas­mine, which flavour of tea did each per­son drink?

2) Which two words mean­ing ‘sim­ple’ and ‘squab­ble’ com­bine into one mean­ing ‘lit­i­ga­tor’? 3) Find the con­stel­la­tions in these ana­grams: a) Jar Amours, b) Coup Sirs, c) Iron Mole.

4) Lee, Leo and Lou are run­ning laps around a track. Lee in lane 1 runs a lap ev­ery 64 sec­onds. Leo in lane 4 takes 72 sec­onds per lap. In lane 7, Lou’s lap time is 80 sec­onds. Lane 1 is 400m long, lane 4 is 423m, and lane 7 is 446m. Who is the fastest run­ner?

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