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En­deav­our 8pm, STV

A FTER seven­teen and half years (okay: eight episodes) dur­ing which James Nor­ton de­vel­oped near-fa­tal RSI from click­ing again and again on that com­puter mouse to trans­fer huge sums of money via his ex­cit­ing on­line elec­tronic bank­ing, the BBC’s mega­ex­pen­sive-look­ing McMafia reaches its con­clu­sion tonight. And, as the story moves to Rus­sia, there’s ac­tu­ally a lit­tle ac­tion…but if you’re among the many, many view­ers who gave up on it as a dis­ap­point­ing heap of turgid whis­per­ing a month ago, you’ll find it hard to care. In which case: Young Morse (Shaun Evans) is here, with an­other de­pend­ably en­joy­able two-hour case, as a glitzy crew from Hol­ly­wood de­scends upon the Ox­ford of 1968 to film a hammy hor­ror mummy movie se­quel. Soon, there are mur­ders – is an an­cient Egyp­tian curse at work? Or some­thing grub­bier and grim­mer? The 60s cin­ema de­tails are fun, and there’s a guest spot from Phil Daniels as DCI Thurs­day’s (Roger Al­lam) es­tranged brother, Char­lie. Mean­while, pas­sion is in the air for Morse. Rarely ends well.

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