Sunday Mail (UK) - - Lesley Roberts - Cam­per

Lov­ing the bunch of “heavy metal campers” mis­taken for a sui­cide death cult while camp­ing in Kin­ross.

Three men with their three kids, all fans of black metal, and a dog (in­ex­pli­ca­bly) called Jazz, were hav­ing fun till they re­alised boats, fire crews and a chop­per had been dis­patched to “save” them. To be fair, they could have choked on their toasted marsh­mal­lows.

Po­lice even smashed win­dows of their nearby cars search­ing for sui­cide notes be­fore mount­ing a “res­cue” mis­sion that was like “some­thing from The X Files”. Must have spoiled the camp­fire sin­ga­long some­what. Or im­proved it. Black metal mu­sic is ter­ri­ble. Sus­pect their other halves had sent them off on their trip with what seemed like good ad­vice: “If you must make that racket, do it in the mid­dle of nowhere.” Oop­sie.


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