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1 Ex­cit­edly re­act and pro­vide food for an event (5) 4 Seizes con­trol of a ve­hi­cle in Delhi? Jack scarpers (7) 8 A young River City char­ac­ter – the Ma­te­rial Girl singer? (7) 9 The BBC Dragons’ place goes to the South East? It’s so stupid (5) 10 Ni­col is hav­ing a kick­about with Far­rell or Mont­gomerie (5) 11 Take one’s leave if Ed re­turns to a role in the play (6) 14 A tem­po­rary stay in Tel Aviv? Is it be­ing cut short? (5) 16 Leaves of a book for the wee wed­ding at­ten­dants (5) 18 Get a sup­ply of cat­nip or drive back to call on some­one (4,2) 21 Hi­awatha’s ves­sel in a stormy ocean (5) 24 Three are found in an emer­gency call from a Ti­betan in Eskdale­muir (5) 25 Pas­sion­ate about ten­nis by the end of the game (7) 26 Very en­thu­si­as­tic and se­ri­ous? Sounds like Hem­ing­way (7) 27 A short top Ed­wina sent back to the ware­house (5) 1 Mac turned up on the 2nd of April to pitch the tents (4) 2 Ted is go­ing over the prom­is­sory notes – it’s so bor­ing (7) 3 Went berserk with a rant about the Copaca­bana city (3,4) 4 He is go­ing over an ad­vert briefly with the school rec­tor (4) 5 This Sun­day Mail ex­pert sorts read­ers’ prob­lems, Judy (5) 6 Ms Kournikova fol­lows a hun­dred to a Scot­tish is­land (5) 7 The least dry wine, say, for the most adorable (8) 12 The clot leaves a pole­cat with veg (3) 13 Need vice to be dealt with? You’ll re­quire proof (8) 15 An old Lin­wood car for a wee ras­cal (3) 16 Put seeds in the ground – it’s part of the mas­ter­plan, Teddy (7) 17 A ma­ture woman per­haps from the new N.W. group (5-2) 19 The guy who bought the build­ing is in Wig­town – Ernie (5) 20 Dis­suade when Dad leaves – that’s the im­por­tant point (5) 22 A sub­tle sug­ges­tion – get thin some­how (4) 23 Looks like a chair from the Ibiza and Toledo car maker (4)

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