Oh no it’s not.. our panto stars have their say on Brexit

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With pre­pos­ter­ous, out­landish sto­ry­lines, ridicu­lous and car­toon­ish lead­ing char­ac­ters and a his­tory stretch­ing as far back as any of us can re­mem­ber, there is plenty of com­mon ground be­tween Brexit and the panto sea­son.

As Theresa May pre­pares to He said: “I be­lieve the Gov­ern­ment will be de­feated when try­ing to get the bill through Par­lia­ment. “If there is a vote of no con­fi­dence af­ter that, I think Theresa May will sur­vive. “I hope the deal goes ahead be­cause the al­ter­na­tive isn’t an op­tion. “I don’t be­lieve we should have an­other ref­er­en­dum. That is not demo­cratic. I voted Re­main and, from that point two years ago, I’ve watched the coun­try get deeper into a mess. “It should never have been put to the vote in the first place.” take her deal be­fore Par­lia­ment on Tues­day, it seems the en­tire world has an opin­ion on the out­come. We asked our fore­most stage stars (oh yes we did) to tell us what they be­lieve will hap­pen next.

He said: “Theresa May has what looks like an un­winnable game on her hands as she goes to the Com­mons this week.

“Even Hou­dini would strug­gle to es­cape from the po­si­tion she’s in.

“Half of her orig­i­nal Cab­i­net have put her in hand­cuffs. And the DUP – never known for their flex­i­bil­ity – have her over a bar­rel.

“Brexit has been a poi­soned chal­ice for May but, with de­feat loom­ing on Tues­day, it will be the be­gin­ning of the end.

“She will prob­a­bly seek a new deal from Brussels but find­ing some­thing sell­able to Par­lia­ment will prove be­yond her. In fair­ness, it might be be­yond just about ev­ery­body.

“How it pans out from there is any­one’s guess.

“Mean­while, the rest of Europe sit, smirk and en­joy the sta­bil­ity in Brussels.”

Ian said: “Theresa May will not get her bill through Par­lia­ment. She won’t re­sign, though. I think they’ll go for an extension be­cause they can’t solve the Ir­ish prob­lem.

“There’s no chance of a sec­ond ref­er­en­dum – you’d be verg­ing on civil un­rest if you had that.

“There has been trou­ble with the bor­der in Ire­land for 300 years – you would have thought they would have got it right by now.

“The back­stop may be a po­si­tion of last resort but I don’t think the bosses in Europe have any right to in­ter­fere in such a del­i­cate mat­ter.

“We could end up back in the 70s – and I don’t want to see that again.

“I voted to stay in Europe but I’m not sure it was the right de­ci­sion when I see how the EU are treat­ing us.

“I sup­pose you could say if you are in you can change things. But to change any­thing, we need strong lead­er­ship and we don’t have that.”

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