Shock­ing way to help stop snor­ing

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Help could be on the way for snor­ers af­ter an NHS sur­geon in­vented a de­vice that stops the prob­lem with a tiny elec­tric shock.

Sleep dis­or­ders ex­pert Pro­fes­sor An­shul Sama’s Snoozeal zaps the cul­prit’s tongue.

The de­vice – which fits into the base of the mouth – has to be worn for 20 min­utes at any time of day for six weeks, not while asleep.

It con­tains two elec­trodes that rest against ei­ther side of the tongue. A tiny cur­rent is trans­mit­ted to the de­vice by an app on a smart­phone.

The cur­rent tight­ens up floppy mus­cles in the tongue and at the back of the throat, which are of­ten the cause of snor­ing.

It has worked in 70 per cent of cases dur­ing tri­als in Bri­tain and Ger­many.

Louise Fitz­patrick is one of the first to ben­e­fit from the de­vice.

Pub land­lady Louise, 50, from Is­ling­ton, Lon­don, thought she would have to have an op­er­a­tion to stop her heavy snor­ing.

She said: “I was re­signed to surgery but within a cou­ple of weeks on the Snoozeal trial I started to no­tice a change.

“And by the end of the six weeks I was hardly snor­ing at all.”

It is hoped the de­vice will be launched later this year.

Sama said: “The re­sults of surgery are not very good and yet we are spend­ing thousands on treat­ing pa­tients with an op­er­a­tion that can leave them in dis­com­fort.”

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