Volts to brain cause seizure

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ECT is elec­tro­con­vul­sive ther­apy – a treat­ment that in­volves send­ing an elec­tric cur­rent through the brain to trig­ger an epilep­tic seizure.

It is used to relieve the symp­toms of some men­tal health prob­lems.

The treat­ment is given un­der a gen­eral anaes­thetic and us­ing mus­cle re­lax­ants, so that a pa­tient will only twitch slightly and their body does not con­vulse dur­ing the seizure.

ECT is mainly used on pa­tients with se­vere, lifethreat­en­ing de­pres­sion.

No one is sure how it works, but it is known to change pat­terns of blood flow in the brain.

It also al­ters the way en­ergy is used in parts of the brain that are thought to be in­volved in de­pres­sion.

The treat­ment may cause changes in brain chem­istry, al­though how these are re­lated to symp­toms is not un­der­stood.

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