Fort­nite: Air Royale PS4/Xbox One/Win­dows, Mo­bile

Sunday Mirror (Northern Ireland) - - Staying In - DAVID RAVEN

Fort­nite has branched out and cre­ated a new mode which turns the cur­rent one on its head.

When planes were in­tro­duced, play­ers were split – some thought it hur­ried things up, but most felt it ru­ined the fi­nale.

Now they’ve been re­moved from the main Bat­tle Royale game and given their own sep­a­rate mode for a lim­ited time.

Air Royale is a chaotic mess of fun-filled sky en­coun­ters that dif­fer each time you play.

Some 12 duos are put into X4 Stormwing planes with the aim of try­ing to shoot each other down. Play­ers have in­fi­nite respawns but plane lives are lim­ited and you die if you touch the ground.

Fall­ing crates give you new weapons, health packs and power ups.

Like Fort­nite, Air Royale is com­pletely free with ad­dic­tive, adren­a­line-fuelled mul­ti­player game play to keep you go­ing for weeks.

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