It’s time for a butcher’s at EU salaries...

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Britain’s chief ex­ecs are the high­est paid in Europe, which is un­sur­pris­ing given that since 2000 their dosh has gone from 69 to 149 times that of their av­er­age worker.

But if you’re a butcher or baker you might wish to em­i­grate once Brexit turns the UK into a de­vel­op­ing coun­try.

The EU pays more wonga for butcher­ing and bak­ing than the av­er­age £17,000 you’ll earn here. The re­lo­ca­tion firm

1st Move In­ter­na­tional, which com­piled the stats, didn’t in­clude can­dle­stick makers, sadly.

A French butcher gets £21,000 a year while a Ger­man baker has

£27,000 in dough.

A Bel­gian hair­dresser re­ally cuts it on £33,000, com­pared to a £25,000 Bri­tish crimper.

An Aus­trian cleaner sweeps up £29,500, nearly dou­ble the UK’s £14,700 av­er­age while a Ger­man build­ing worker gets £65,500 to a Brit’s £51,000, al­most £3,000 a year less than the work pays in Italy.

Time to say auf wieder­se­hen, pet.

Apolo­gies to Alan Sugar for say­ing here that he has only one O-level. Lord Sugar tells me he’s got six. You were more of a swot than I thought, milord.

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