My fi­nal wish has come true

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a kiss’, ex­pect­ing she’d say some­thing like, ‘I’d give you a slap’. “But she didn’t. And that was it. No one was sur­prised.

“The nurses had even bet on who would ask who first.”

Just weeks later, Dar­ren’s con­di­tion wors­ened and he was put on the trans­plant list. By March he was given 24 hours to live af­ter a car­diac ar­rest.

In­cred­i­bly donor lungs were found and he had an eight-hour op at the Royal Bromp­ton. Dar­ren said: ” When I woke up I couldn’t speak but knew I had an­other shot at life. So I asked for Lau­ren by mak­ing an L shape with my hand.” Then he wrote on a scrap of pa­per, ‘ Will you marry me Lau­ren?’. She said yes and has kept his pro­posal note in her purse ever since.

Dar­ren, of Ful­ham, moved into Lau­ren’s flat in Wat­ford a month later. He said: “Liv­ing to­gether was amaz­ing. We had an un­usual re­la­tion­ship, though. Most cou­ples ar­gue over what to watch on TV. We ar­gued about fridge space for our medicines.” But their joy was short-lived when Dar­ren’s health de­te­ri­o­rated and he was ad­mit­ted to Hare­field last month.

His new lungs were re­ject­ing him. There was noth­ing doc­tors could do.


Lau­ren re­calls: “That was the most hor­ren­dous, un­bear­able day.”

Then An­toinette stepped in. “She’s been fan­tas­tic and of­fered to or­gan­ise the wed­ding. She did it in a week,” said Lau­ren. Well-wish­ers dou­bled her GoFundMe tar­get of £1,500 – chip­ping in for Lau­ren’s wed­ding dress, food and flow­ers. Lau­ren said: “I feel like we owe them ev­ery­thing.”

Her brides­maids were sis­ters An­neMarie, 32, and Abi­gail, 13, and and sis­ter- in- law Chelsea, 26. Dar­ren’s par­ents Lisa 52, and Dar­ren Snr were there with Lau­ren’s mum Saman­tha, 49, hus­band Phil and dad Tony, 62.

The re­cep­tion was at a nearby pri­vate home, Black Jack’s Mill, do­nated by the own­ers. Dar­ren said: “It was the great­est day ever. My only concern now is Lau­ren will be sta­ble. I have put away money for her as well as a box of my things to keep. I want her to be happy.”

Lau­ren added: “Hav­ing CF, you know it takes ev­ery­one in the end. We had so many plans for our life to­gether that we’ll never achieve, but at least we’ve achieved this.”

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